FDMA – The Damper in the HVAC equipment duct that prevents the spread of fire and combustion products from one fire segment to another by shutting off the airflow at the fixture points.





Dampers from 180 × 180 mm to 1 600 × 1 000 mm

CE certified acc. to EN 15650

Tested in accordance with EN 1366-2

Classified acc. to EN 13501-3+A1

Fire resistance up to EIS 120

External Casing leakage class C / Internal leakage class 3 acc. to EN 1751

Corrosion resistant acc. to EN 15650

Cycling test in class C 10 000 acc. to EN 15650

Damper actuating mechanical or electrical

Maximum air speed through opened damper of 12 m/s and pressure difference 1200 Pa

Can be used in explosion-hazard environments