Belt driven cabinet fans CVHT Series – F400-120 rated cabinet fans

Range of belt driven cabinet fans designed for smoke extraction in fire conditions and certified F400-120 (CE marked). The casings are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised sheet steel. All models incorporate double inlet forward curved centrifugal impellers.
Belt-driven transmission system mounted external to the air stream. Motor mounted within the fan cabinet onto a specific support giving optimal belt tension.
Supplied as standard in horizontal discharge (code H) or vertical (code V) configuration with motor, pulley and belt assembly on the right hand side of the unit when viewed from the discharge end.



Easy to install
The cabinets have fixing points on the corners easing the installation either on the floor or ceiling.


Compact design
Motor inside the fan casing, providing a smaller size and a higher compacity.


Automatically tensioned and maintenance free system
Exclusive of S&P. The only system ensuring a constant belt tension without any maintenance required.


Quality finishing, with aluminium corners providing a high robustness.




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